About the Author

qCJetcMYChris was born in Boelenslaan, Friesland, The Netherlands in 1995 and is the eldest of three. After his parents separated when he was only ten years old he took to writing as a form of expressing himself.

Since then he has been raised by his mother and his step-father in a small town not far from his birthplace. Chris passed High school with high grades and went on studying in the field military engineering while still occasionally writing for his pleasure. After he graduated in 2014 he moved to the United Kingdom where he met his Fiancée who he spent the next two years with while working as a cook in a restaurant.

After the pair broke up, Chris moved back to the Netherlands without money or roof above his head. His parents took him in and Chris vowed to himself he would only do things he loved for the rest of his life.  January, 12th, 2016 was the day Chris started working on his first novel; “Strawberries in Winter” A fantasy novel which he finished but couldn’t edit in a way he found good enough for publishing.

On the 27th of December, 2017 Chris started working on the second novel; “The Chronicles of Caspia; Dandelion’s Descent.” A novel of which he is in the fourth draft and for which he will start querying in the upcoming months.

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