The thought of bubbles. 

Let’s say everyone lives, loves and laughs in a bubble of some sort. A soap bubble because soap bubbles are fun. 

Sounds, images, touches, scents and even tastes can pass through this thin veil around us. Everything which passes through can be called perception and every perception we have stays in said bubble to never leave, lest we forget through disease or something. This collective perception is called experience. 

Every conclusion we make is based off experience,  perception or a combination of both.  This happens through our head, our brains; through thought no matter how brief. 

Let’s take a common perception.  Grass is green. A very easy conclusion which is true enough for us to take for truth.  The fact that the grass isn’t in fact green but just a reflection of atoms isn’t interesting enough for us humans to actively think about. It’s something we just autopilot it to our experiences without doubt and it doesn’t do any harm to anyone but the cells of the grass.  

Auto pilot is the default state of the human. It’s so damn easy to take everything you perceive as truth and just as easy to share these perceptions with other people doing the same. In this modern world you can probably auto pilot your way to oldness without trouble and most people will. 

Now, recently there’s been this little hype around fake news and everyone is outraged about it but should they? Someone perceived the news to often be false according to their experience and because of this perception everyone suddenly thinks differently due to the speed with which the perception can spread. 

What if that one perception is false or made up though?  What if it is put there so our lizard overlords can manipulate the media further.  What if by chance,  your own perception is not only often false but also manipulated by those who know about the many auto piloters? 

Guess what.  That’s true. Every second of the day you will make faulty perceptions and every second you will take them for truths.  We simply cannot stop perceiving lest we die.  Even then, who says the dead can’t smell us? 

Us people are being manipulated by our own senses and experience more and more unknown harm through it with the ease of the perceptions. 

 “I Googled it so it’s true.” Do you see how silly that is? Do you understand how easy it is to get something into the world for us to perceive and take as truth? 

Dare to doubt. Dare to seek out your own perceptions rather than taking everything as they seem. Rather than autopiloting,  think for a moment and see how often you are deceived. 

Don’t believe you can be deceived?  None of this post is based off anything but my perception and imagination. No research what so ever. 

How often do you still doubt the things you perceive? 

Thank you for reading.

(This was a flash blog and was written at work without checking the grammar.  If you wish to see more of this or an expansion on any of the thoughts,  please tell me!)


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