9 Weird Writer Habits

As I browse through the massive pile of nonsense which is called the internet I often stumble across other writers doing things which would seem odd to the outside world and since a bunch of authors love making lists of everything, I decided to make a list even though I’m not a compulsive lister myself. Do keep in mind that most of these habits do not apply to every author but they are things I have seen happen with my own eyes!

  1. Authors make lists of the most random things.  This is one which doesn’t just apply to authors but seems to apply more to writers than regular people. I have seen lists of lists to do, lists of characters, lists of chapters which aren’t perfect and lists of the best GIFS authors have ever found. I have also seen people make up lists for other people to join just so their listing addiction can continue. Soige.gif
  2. Authors imitate their characters when they write. As I write I often find myself smiling when my POV smiles, cringing when they do and acting like my face explodes when their face explodes. Irene
  3. Authors are more superstitious than average. Writers block, lack of muse and inspiration are things which you often hear from writers and they are basically just superstitions. Some authors even go as far as not being able to write when their left toe itches. I would call that procrastinating but that’s another topic for another day.Superstuty.gif
  4. Authors will eavesdrop and observe strangers. (Especially if they happen to look like one of their characters) Wherever I go and whenever I am forced to go outside I will make mental notes of people making facial expressions when they talk, word choice and sentence length. I even make notes of curious things in people’s looks and will use them in my own writing.Dave.gif
  5. Authors will try to make extravagant what is usually quite ordinary. Much like this list being 9 instead of the regular 10 points, Authors will try to make everything extravagant even if there is no reason too. This too has its extremes and they will try to claim that they are the only one who has ever done a certain thing. A reason for this behaviour could be the wish for “originality” in their writing.Crazt
  6. Authors seem to have an unnatural obsession with pets. I am yet to meet a writer who does not have a pet of their own or an obsession with some sort of animal. Cats appear to be the most popular choice of drug. Cart
  7. Authors have an addiction to some form of drink. Tea, Wine, Coffee or even Whiskey. All authors seem to claim that they have a drink which helps them write. This has gone so far that Coffee has become synonymous with writers. Codde
  8. Authors break the rules. I’m not making 9 points.daenerys-targaryen-deal-with-it-spoiler.gif


Do you have crazy habits? Share them with me on TWITTER or on the CONTACT page or in the comment section.


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