Wishes and weeping

This piece of poetry was written by Matriarch Anabiel de Fleur of the Isle of Flowers and is said to hold prophetic meaning even though it has not been written in the language the Harplet prophecies usually come in, flowers.

“Wishes and Weeping

Even your mind isn’t always your own,

A shared blue is not forever your curse.

But even with one of you under the stone,

The danger is the path you traverse.


Always red is the shade of the soul,

Fierce is the flame of the heart.

Sól knows you have a righteous goal,

But also is aware it is a tough art.


Loving nature is a matter of no joke,

The green will forever be in growth.

Be careful of the changes you evoke,

He who isn’t gone is the one you loathe.


Pure White is the way you might blow,

Energy is the force in which you breathe.

No matter in what way you go,

A key you will be in the blade you sheathe.


Kind and dark is the blade which kills,

Bright is the life it gives.

Evil is what the great one wills,

Good will be the black which forgives.


The colour of you all will never again be your fall,

if good has been the black who has forgiven all.”





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