The Jester of the Roc and Farmwoman

The Jester of the Roc, although they have not been seen in a while, was a creature which had only the purpose of tricking the people of Caspia. It is said they never failed if they tried to trick someone and therefore there are many crazy tales around this mythical Jester.

In one of these tales, the Jester of the Roc meets a lady tending to her cooped chickens.

“On a hot day, she sat bent and crooked, watching her chickens pick up the grains when she heard the light, unmistakable steps of the creature of whom no one wished a visit. A foul smell accompanied the coming of the creature and she especially didn’t want anything to do with it. She sighed and without turning from the coop which stood at a little distance from her home, she spoke to them in a stern tone.

“Jester of the Roc. I will not allow you near my chickens, back off and leave me be.”

The creature with its ever so light drop of the foot complied and stepped away from the scuttling chickens. They, however, did not leave completely for that was not their nature. A smile crept on their thin lips underneath the mask of the creature they represented. They bent down, picked up a thick grain and threw it over the lady in the green dress where it with a soft tick landed inside the coop.

The lady in the green dress sighed deeper and clutched her fist around the bars of the coup as the foul smell which had come with the creature not only lingered but became sharper. Her tone was no longer just strict, she had begun shouting at the creature!

“Jester of the Roc. I will not allow you to throw things at my chickens. Back off and leave me be!”

The Jester chuckled and skipped off her lawn entirely. Its light footstep was light enough to not even leave a mark in the ashes which had begun to rain down on said lawn. They did still not leave the farm’s lands for that was not in their nature. They thought for a moment. Their trick had already played out but they felt as if their job wasn’t finished. They had to make the woman in the dress turn from her chickens for her to realise what mistake she had made by sending them away.

They went to the field which stood by the farmhouse where fresh grains grew rather than the old ones the woman fed to the chickens. They plucked many culms and threw them up into the air where the wind picked them up and led them to the chicken coop. The woman in the green dress, when both grains and ashes rained upon her and her coop, exploded with rage. She broke one of the bars which kept the chickens in the coop and stood with her hands in her curly hair. “Jester of the Roc! Why do you pester me!” She turned around but did not ask the Jester of the Roc to leave at all.

At a little distance, her farmhouse stood ablaze. Its thatch roof had become too warm in the summer sun which was especially bright that day and had caught fire. The Jester of the Roc had seen this as they travelled through her lands and would have warned the woman of her burning home if she had been willing to listen to their words.  The Jester of the Roc laughed at the woman as she ran to her ruined house and they laughed harder as the chickens escaped the coop because of the bar she broke.


The moral of this story is: Don’t make assumptions before you give someone a chance to explain.




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