The Book of Sól; Chapter IV: Heikos’ Trial

The people of the Jade city did not learn about what happened until five days after the incident when a scout reported sand dripping from one of the ceilings near the surface. Was this to do with the strange man who had come so sudden? Had he brought sand to the Jade City?

Heikos, who had been selling his belongings for nights of sleep in one of the taverns, was summoned and brought before the Queen of the Jade City. He was laughed at when he stood before the Queen in the nude by all but one. By all but the Queen herself.

This wasn’t because she wouldn’t find the sight of a nude stranger funny but because the Queen of the Jade City was blind. “Stranger of the outside world.” The Queen spoke with a light tone and spoke words which were woven as delicate as l silk from a spider. “Is it true that you brought sand to the outside of our city? Sand which now drops to within this place.”

Heikos didn’t have to lie to the Queen, he didn’t know about the sand and didn’t know what had caused it either. “No your Majesty. Sól sent me down here, I am certain of it.”

The Queen of the Jade city wasn’t as certain as Heikos was. “But if you are sent by Sól, why did you wear the colours of the night when you first came here?”

Heikos sighed, He did not want to admit his flaw but he knew that if his lie was discovered, he would die. Therefore he told the truth. “I come from Fieldhold your Majesty, I and my family prayed to the nameless Arch-witch for we knew no better.”

The Queen raised her brow. “So you pray to both the Arch-witch and Sól?”

Heikos shook his head. “No your Majesty,  The Arch-witch sent me on a wicked quest to find your city but her guidance made me lose the right path. It wasn’t until Sól chose to help me that I actually found your city. Therefore I only pray to Sól.” As he spoke those last words, Heikos felt a pain like a thousand blades stinging his chest.

His world turned black and when he awoke he was in the softest bed in the City, with a group of well-dressed people around him. They all had deep frowns etched into their expression. “Heikos of Fieldhold.” Spoke one of the men when he realized Heikos had awoken. “The Queen will grant you freedom to remain here if you head outside and return with a sign of Sól.”

Heikos didn’t have to think about his decision and nodded immediately. “I shall do whatever the Queen and Sól wish of me. I shall return with a sign of Sól.”

Sól heard these words and was not sure the sands which were left behind by her inferno were able to be travelled through and therefore she sent down a package in which a red cloak was held which could defy every heat. That would be the artefact with which Heikos would have to make his way through the sands.


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