The Book of Sól; Chapter III: Jaded

Even though the four great beasts had been saved, The lands of the Wicked Arch-witch had not. To keep her from suspicion about the human form of the beasts, Sól and Mani let the wicked Arch-witch have her way with these lands of which the grass was greener than everywhere else.

These lands were known as The Jaded Isles by the other people of Caspia.  This was not only because of the jade colour of the grass and bushes and the green rock but also because of the sadness which rested and festered there. Most people had left when the corrupted beasts only seemed to become less perfect. Those who remained either lived in Fieldhold and tried to cooperate with the Arch-witch in the way of old or they lived in the Jade city, deep underground in a hidden place in the fields. These people of Fieldhold prayed to the Arch-witch as if she was their god even though they knew she wasn’t. The Arch-witch was pleased with these people and especially with one of the young men who had dark hair as dark as her soul and night itself, and skin as white as the bones of the Wicked Arch-witch. His name was Heikos Eterna and the  Arch-witch came to him with heinous words.

“Heikos.” She said. “Heikos, You must find the Jade city, deep underground in a hidden place in the fields. Do this and you shall be all powerful like I.”

Heikos could not see through her lie for she was all powerful and therefore could lie without flaw. He did not know that the four great beasts were destined to battle the Wicked Arch-witch and set out to find the Jade city. He sought for days and lost the path he had already taken. He then sought for weeks and lost the way he wanted to go. Finally, he wandered for months and Sól took pity upon the man even though she knew he prayed for the Wicked Arch-witch. She gave a gentle yet heavenly push in Heikos’ back and pushed him straight into the Jade city, deep underground in a hidden place in the fields.

Heikos knew it was not the Wicked Arch-witch who had shown him the way for she did not know it herself. He, for the first time in his life, prayed to Sól in gratefulness.

Sól was filled with joy that she had managed to convert one of the Arch-witch’s creatures to the side of gods and she smiled as she brightened the sun above the Jaded isles. This was to show that she existed and that she still cared about the creatures of the Wicked Arch-witch.

Green grass was set ablaze by searing heat. blossoming flowers became an inferno of peddles in the scorching wind and it did not take long for the heat of the sun to turn the Jaded isles into magma on which no creature could survive. Sól saw what she had done and she cried tears upon the sun above the Jaded isles to cool it down again.

Magma turned to sand and Sól saw how she had destroyed the greenest lands of all and turned them yellow with sand. She also saw that all the people in Fieldhold had been killed by her inferno and that only the buildings remained.

This, however, had not killed the Arch-witch for she was made to be above all creatures and it had also not killed the people of the Jade city for they were beneath the ground and not affected by sunlight.

The people of Caspia soon forgot about how green the lands used to be and also forgot about the Jade city in which many people still lived.

And so became that Heikos Eterna was the last living soul who had ever prayed to the Wicked Arch-witch as a goddess and that the Jaded isles would forever hold another, darker name.

They were the lands which were forgotten. They were The Forgotten Isles.


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