The Book of Sól; Chapter II: Beasts and Burdens

Sól and Mani looked upon their Caspia and saw even though there was Life it was not different from one another. Every creature was the same except the Arch-witch for she was to be greater than all life.

Both heavenly brother and sister knew there needed to be distinctions between Life for things to grow on their own. If everything were the same, there would be no reason to improve.

There needed to be good in the world but there needed to be Balance as well. Sól looked upon Mani and Mani knew. He was to break the oath he swore upon his sister and everything. Mani was to bring the evil to Sól’s good.

Mani was solemn at first for he had changed his ways and had not considered meddling with their Caspia for thousands of years. Sol reached out her hand to Mani and Mani tangled fingers. Twilight was created and like there was a new Dawn for Caspia, there was a new Dawn for Mani.

Sól, diligent as ever, began her efforts immediately. She created Man and Woman, Creature and Nature, and Weather and Seasons. While Mani hadn’t meddled in Sól’s affairs, He hadn’t changed and he still remained slothful. He only created the concepts of death and consequence.

If Man remained with Weather too long, he would die. If Woman came too close to Creature, her life would end. This concept led to a chain of other concepts birthing from life. Fear, Reproduction, and Instinct were among these concepts.

There however, was one thing they had forgotten about. There was one concept which was made to be greater than life and therefore was not affected by all which was new. It was the Arch-witch and the Arch-witch, without Mani’s permission, corrupted all forms of Sól’s life. Some were made blind in the light of Sun, some were made to be incapable of believing in the heavenly bodies and others were injected with fear of everything. Sól saw this and tried to save who she could save. She took the Phoenix of the flames, the Leshii of the forests, the Hydra of the seas and the Pegasus of the skies and made them so that as long as the Arch-witch had a form, they did as well, and made the opposite also true.

The Arch-witch, who in her wickedness wanted to corrupt all of Caspia, dropped her ethereal form and threatened to dismantle the heavenly balance of everything by hunting down the last of the perfect beasts. Mani, Enraged by the wickedness of the wicked Arch-Witch concocted another plan.

He made it so that the four great beasts could take the form of the most common of the creatures of Caspia; The humans. If they did that and worked together, they would be able to stop the Wicked Arch-Witch and steal her magical dominance onto their own.

The four great beasts were left with the greatest burden. If they did not succeed, Caspia was doomed.



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