The Book of Sól; Chapter I: Creation

Before there was Caspia there were two ethereal, heavenly bodies, a brother and a sister. Mani and Sól. Brother Mani always tried to outdo Sister Sól but could never succeed.  Mani brought space and Sól created time. Mani created Caspia but Sól gave it life.

Mani was stricken with jealousy and envy of his sister and he devised a plan in which Sól would never outdo him again since she would be too busy. In secret, he created both the concepts of light and shadow and gave all of Sól’s creations the requirement of light to function and all his creations the requirement of shadow. Time stopped and the life which required time and light froze in place.

Sól was filled with sorrow and released the first tear which was ever cried. The tear was red and hung above frozen Caspia to remind her life not to be jealous of another’s acts. Sól was not envious of Mani’s creation of light and shadow and in her kindness she allowed her heavenly tear to be filled with Mani’s light.

Time began once again at the light of Sól’s tear which was called Sun. Life unfroze and praised Sól for her kindness.

Mani was filled with hot anger, rage, and wrath and struck both Sun and Caspia. Sun came closer to Caspia and Mani’s hot anger heated the Sun and created the concept of temperature.  Mani’s strike also broke a piece of Caspia which began circling it. The life on Caspia named this piece Moon and reminded them to be patient when it showed itself and when they filled with anger.

Sól smiled when her brother’s rage had not corrupted her life and she gave them the glittering gold of her eyes to decorate their homes with and to share among one another. The life rejoiced and loved the charitable gift of Sól but they weren’t the only ones. Mani had also seen how the glittering gold of Sól’s eyes had landed on Caspia and since his own eyes were black and filled with his own shadow, He stole the glittering gold and placed it in his own eyes. They became the stars on the night sky and they reminded the life that they ought to be charitable and not greedy for the things they weren’t given.

Mani could not stand how Sól was praised over himself and he did two things. He not only made life forget about the siblings but also placed his most evil creation on Caspia, The Arch-witch which would make the life praise her rather than heavenly Sól.

Filled with pride that their own had risen to such a level of power life began to pray to the arch-witch for blessings which, since she was no goddess, she never gave. Sól had obviously seen what Mani had done but she decided not to act against it. While Sól stopped blessing her proud life, she didn’t stop working to keep it intact and she didn’t demand attention like the Arch-witch did.

It took thousands of years but life on Caspia began to realize they had never received anything from the Arch-witch and that it was something else which brought them everything they had. Something quiet but always there. For the first time in those years, life looked up at the sun and Sól allowed them to know her name and Mani’s as well.

Life’s ways changed once again and even though he was not praised like Sister Sól was, Brother Mani repented and swore he would never again intervene with his sister’s ways.


One Comment on “The Book of Sól; Chapter I: Creation

  1. What a great creation tale! It’s sounds so believable as an origin story that it made me question whether you wrote it for your novel or were just retelling a creation tale that I hadn’t heard before.

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