On Braeling

Braeling… The Braeling are a race of which opinions are widely spread and are found wherever people might need cheap and hard workers. In the cities, they often pose as guards and on the countryside and seas, they are the farmers and sailors.

Braeling aren’t a tall race and are natural climbers even though they do not possess a tail for the necessary balance. Their skin colour ranges from a dirty green at a young age to a more brown shade when they get older. Braeling have ears the size of the rest of their head and therefore have excellent hearing. They also have sharper teeth than most races and are predominantly carnivorous.

Since Braeling, like humans, are a widespread race they are often seen traveling between the many isles of Caspia, Some of which they have been banned from entering. According to the Braeling this was because of the fact that the inhabitants were evil but according to the inhabitants, they constantly tried to push their own beliefs onto them rather than accepting the ones the inhabitants had.

The Braeling, for example, do not believe in Sól and Mani like most of Caspia does and instead believe in the strength of their backs and their own common sense to guide them. They are also notorious for their greed. Most Braeling will never do anything without receiving something for it in return. A something, which usually is shiny and golden.

For this reason and because the Braeling are naturally hard-working, Many Braeling families have become incredibly rich. The richest of these families is perhaps the Twistleton family, A family who’s origins are unknown. The family, however, owns Whiterock spire, The tallest building of Caspia and an entire fleet of Stranger airships.

Might the strength of your back keep you standing,

C.R. Master explorer of the fifteenth degree, discoverer of many things and more.



– The Braeling are the first recorded sentient creatures of Caspia alongside humans.

– All Braeling are named after famous knights from earth but they don’t know this since they are not from Earth.


-If you have any questions about the Braeling or wish to provide a much-needed drawing of them; Contact me on Twitter or comment below.

-Anything which you discover about the Braeling which has not been revealed yet will receive its own entry in the trivia section.


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